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Postage stamp representing our country at EUROPA 2021 competition issued

azermarka 1487

The Association of European Postal Operators (PostEurop) has decided to issue EUROPA 2021 postage stamps on the theme “Endangered National Wildlife”.

Azermarka LLC of the Ministry of Transport, Communications and High Technologies has issued postage stamps dedicated to the rare Caucasian leopard (Panthera Pardus Ciscaucasica), Muflon (Ovis Orientalis) and South Caucasus lizard (Eremias Pleskei) living in Zangazur National Park.

The author of the postage stamps, printed  with a circulation of 350,000 copies in the city of Bobruisk (Belarus), is the chief artist of Azermarka Vugar Ayyubov.

It should be noted that the postage stamp dedicated to the Caucasian leopard represents our country at the EUROPA 2021 Stamp Competition. Winners will be determined by voting. The voting, which began on May 9, will come to an end on September 9. Now we have the opportunity to support the stamp that represents our country at the competition.

It should be reminded that in order to vote, you need to follow this link, select Azerbaijan in the “Your vote” field, then enter your  first name,  last name, e-mail address in the appropriate fields and click “Submit my vote” by confirming the Privacy Policy.

It should be noted that Zangazur National Park, which is rich in its biological diversity, was created to preserve the population of endangered animals.