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"Azerpost" has prepared a book titled "Shusha on the Postage Stamps."

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The "Azerpost" LLC, operating under the Ministry of Digital Development and Transport, has prepared a book titled "Shusha on the Postage Stamps." The book includes information about Shusha's historical and cultural heritage, details about its distinguished figures, and photos depicting the period before and after the occupation.

The book's distinctive feature is its section on the theme "Shusha 270 years," featuring postage stamps in 21 different categories. It's worth noting that last year, stamps reflecting Shusha's history, architecture, literary environment, music, and ethnic culture, as well as flora and fauna, were released.

Sitarə Hüseynova, the project leader of "Shusha on Postage Stamps," Rafael Gülməmmədli, the author of the book, and the design of the stamps are credited to the artist Orxan Qarayev.

It is noteworthy that in 2022, "Azerpost" also released a postage block consisting of 9 stamps on the theme "Shusha – through the eyes of martyr's children." These stamps featured artistic works paying tribute to Shusha by talented children of martyrs.