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How to order a stamp?

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Personalized stamp is one which caused great interest among various services and products offered by Azermarka in recent years. Though this product is considered relatively new products in our country, caused great enthusiasm, and many questions as well.

And what is a "personalized stamp" and what distinguishes it from a traditional postage stamps?

We – as an Azermarka team, will try to clarify all the questions that may arise in this article.

How is global practice?

Australian Post for the first time in the world officially issued Personalized Stamps. These stamps called Personal Greetings were dedicated to 6 topics: "Happy Birthday", "Happy Christmas", "New Baby", "Thinking of You, "Congratulations and Greetings". The coupon on the right side of the stamp either printed a photo submitted by the customer or kept it as it is (calligraphic text).

A separate kiosk for personalized stamps was organized at the World Postage Stamp Show in Melbourne, Australia on March 19-24 of the same year. The news spread like wildfire among the exhibitors, and soon there was a long queue line in front of the kiosk. People were eager to see their pictures on a coupon next to the Polly Woodside, a 45-cent stamp from the Australian Sailing series, which was launched in March 1999.

Following that the practice of creating personalized stamps began to spread in Finland, Austria, England and other countries.

Personalized stamp in Azerbaijan

The first personalized in our country was presented at the 16th Bakutel-2010 - Telecommunications and Information Technologies Exhibition on November 23-26, 2010. Over the years, Azermarka has developed hundreds of such stamps on various topics.

How to order?

To order personalized stamps, you may contact Azermarka through phone number 012 598 49 01 or e-mail Stamps are delivered to the customer within 3-7 working days from the date of order. Cost of each order is agreed with the customer individually as the price of one stamp sheet varies depending on the design and quantity.