25th Anniversary of the establishment of Azerbaijan’s National Commission for UNESCO

Date of issue: 30.12.2019
Catalog No: 1657
Denomination: 1.50 M
Souvenir/small sheet size: 100х79 mm
Stamp size: 52х37 mm
Circulation: 5 000 souvenir sheet
Perforation: round perforation, 13:13 ½
Artist: Vugar Eyyubov
Printed by Bobruisk Integrated Printing House, Bobruysk, Belarus

Souvenir sheet of 1 stamp. Against the background of the souvenir sheet described a room which an Azerbaijani carpet laid on the floor, national patterns on one wall and shebeke on the other wall. Location of the entrance door is in the form of number “5” and the door itself in the form of “2”, thus the door in a open state in the form of number “25”. UNESCO World Heritage Sites – the Eiffel Tower, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the statue of Jesus Christ in Rio de Janeiro, the Moai stone statues, the Pyramid of Cheops, the Himeji Castle, the Taj Mahal complex and the Big Ben clock tower - described on the door. Light shines on the samples of Azerbaijan's national and cultural heritage (saz, copper sahang, etc.) through the open door in the room.