Joint Release of Administrations of member countries of RCC. “Museums”. 100th Anniversary of the Independence Museum of Azerbaijan

Date of issue: 25.12.2019
Catalog No: 1654-1656
Denomination: 1.80 M
Souvenir/small sheet size: 110х101 mm
Stamp size: 28х40 mm
Circulation: 5 000 souvenir sheet
Perforation: round hole, 12
Designer: Anar Mustafayev
Printed by Bobruisk Integrated Printing House, Bobruysk, Belarus

Miniature sheet of 3 stamps.

1654. 0,6 manat. Original image of declaration of independence of the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic

1655. 0,6 manat. The design of the coat of arms, made in the years of the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic

1656. 0,6 manat. Images of banknotes put into circulation in 1919